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4 1/2 Stars!

Romantic Times BOOKreviews TOP PICK!


"The Precinct: Vice Squad...Out to uncover more than they bargained for."

Up Against the Wall

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"...designed to keep you up reading past your bedtime." (4 1/2 *)--Cataromance

Nine-Month Protector

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Finalist for Best Harlequin Intrigue of 2007--Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Romantic Times BOOKreviews TOP PICK!

"A sensational read."--Coffee Time Romance

Dear Readers,

Wow! I'm a finalist again! That's right, I'm super pleased and thrilled to share that my September 07 Intrigue, NINE-MONTH PROTECTOR, is a Reviewers Choice Nominee from Romantic Times Book Reviews for Best Harlequin Intrigue of 2007! I knew Cooper Bellamy was a special hero. And judging by the wonderful response I've received from readers and reviewers alike, a lot of you think Coop is pretty special, too!

Since the holidays, I've been mostly holed up in my office, writing. I'm trying to get ahead of schedule on my next two deadlines so that I'll be free in May to plan and enjoy my son's graduation from high school. I'm a proud mama!

But in January, I--along with eight other members from my PRW writing group--went to York, Nebraska, for a weekend brainstorming retreat. Talk about a wonderful time! There was so much creative energy flowing and lots of great support from good friends and talented writers. Over the course of the weekend, we brainstormed new stories and worked out kinks in current wips for everyone who attended. It was mentally and physically draining, but it was a good kind of exhaustion. Nine authors, nine books--all winners! The retreat gave me a real motivational shot in the arm that I didn't realize I needed. Writers--and women, in general--are super busy people. Sometimes, I think we just keep going--putting one foot in front of the other and getting all the jobs done that are demanded of us without always realizing the toll it's taking on our creativity and enthusiasm for our work. But I'm feeling creative and enthusiastic now!

In addition, PRW (Prairieland Romance Writers--you can find us on the web at celebrated its 15th anniversary. We took a picture with all our published books and beaucoup awards! You can check out a picture on my Fun Page here on the site. Mind you, it was -4 degrees during most of our retreat, so we were bundled up to our eyeballs and may have some hair issues <g>. But all in all, I think we're a good-lookin' group. BTW, the group includes both published authors (Me, Sherry James, Kristin Gabriel/Kristin Eckhardt and Robin L. Rotham are pictured) and unpublished (but soon-to-be if you ask me!) authors. Everyone in the group contributed so much to the retreat. I'm just pleased I got to be a part of it.

Something else new I've started this year is solo blogging as Yes, I'm still blogging and giving away books at the Intrigue Authors site along with many other Intriguers. But now I'm chatting about this and that--mostly book and writing related--on the newly updated Harlequin site. I try to post something new every week, and comment and answer questions throughout the week. Plus, you can always find me on the boards there. And do check out the new site. The website wizards have completely updated the look and have made it easier to navigate. If you haven't been there for a while, you'll have to sign in again, but that's super easy. Hope to see you there!

Finally, I want to remind you of my upcoming Precinct: Brotherhood of the Badge mini-series that's coming out from Intrigue later this year. PROTECTIVE INSTINCTS launches in June, and features Detective Sawyer Kincaid and waitress Melissa Teague, whom many of you may remember as supporting characters from my Precinct: Vice Squad book, UP AGAINST THE WALL. It's an exciting start to the series, I think. PROTECTIVE INSTINCTS will be followed in July by Atticus Kincaid's story, ARMED AND DEVASTATING. Try to figure out the mystery in that one! Then, in October, PRIVATE S.W.A.T. TAKEOVER will be out, and that one's an outright thriller. The bad guy is very bad, and he wants the heroine dead. But neither the hero nor her dogs will allow that, right? The series wraps up in November with KANSAS CITY CHRISTMAS.

Remember, you can always contact me directly through my website. And there are new comments and another interview question posted in the Line-Up Room.

Happy Reading!

Julie Miller

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