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Writing has allowed Scott E. Miller to combine many of his interests: Nebraska history, travel, genealogy. Growing up in Omaha, Scott heard family stories of ancestors who had traveled across Nebraska in a a covered wagon to establish a homestead along the southern shore of the Niobrara River. Listening intently he became intrigued and knew that he wanted to learn more. So as an adult, Scott began to research his family's history. "It became like a treasure hunt," he said. With each newly discovered bit of information a cherished jewel.

Piecing together his family's story, he quickly began to realize that his ancestors were more than just names and dates on tombstones and on old faded documents kept in dusty vaults. They had interests, hopes, dreams, joys, and sorrows. No different than us today. He also discovered that there had indeed been ancestors who, in the early 1880's, left Weeping Water, Nebraska, and traveled across the state in a covered wagon to establish a homestead on the wild prairie.

As a Middle School Language Arts teacher, Miller has a passion for middle grade novels. An avid reader, he is constantly on the lookout for books that will interest the middle school student--no small task, considering the multitude of distractions vying for their attention. He has made it his mission to research and read as many middle grade novels as possible.
Having spent nine years in Missouri, a time he looks upon with fondness--after all, he met his wife there, and their son was born in Missouri--he never lost his Nebraska roots.
A student of Nebraska history, Miller tries to incorporate it into his classroom as much as is appropriate. "It's amazing to me just how much students don't know of their state." In his research of novels, he discovered that there were a number of them set in Nebraska, but few written for the middle readers. As he began his writing, he knew that he wanted his stories to have a Nebraska setting and be aimed at the middle school student. With is family stories as his foundation, his Prairie series was born.
Not one to be stuck in the past, Scott also enjoys science fiction and fantasy, and fully admits to being a Harry Potter fan and a Trekker. He is also involved in the theatre and music.
He received degrees from Wayne State College, the University of NE-Kearney, and the University of MO-Columbia, and recently completed his Masters in Education.
Scott, along with his wife Julie and college age son Ryne, live in Grand Island, Nebraska, just a couple of hours from the setting of his Prairie books. He is currently working on the third book in that series.


Prairie Whispers

Publish America 2006

As Seen in Nebraska Life Magazine!

"Vivid writing puts the reader inside the action."---Nebraska Life Magazine.

Prairie Whispers

Publish America, ISBN 1-4241-4790-5

Now available in paperback!

Also available from the Talking Book & Braille Service.

A portion of Prairie Whispers is being used in a state reading comprehension assessment.

The strange noise sounded like bacon frying, or a baby's rattle. The dogs, Kip and Towser, stood statue still just a few yards away. Poppa, his spade raised over his head, advanced toward us. My heart thumped in my chest. Fear coursed through me.

Suddenly, when he was just a few feet away, Poppa swung his spade down in a cutting arch through the grass. He then stooped and I saw him pick something up from the ground. At first it looked like rope, but then I realized with a shudder, that it was not a tope, but a snake, a rattle snake.

Based on true events, Prairie Whispers vividly  recounts the challenges and struggles faced by those courageous pioneers as they attempted to tame the wild Nebraska prairie and make a life for themselves.






Prairie Sunsets

Publish America 2008



As Seen in Nebraska Life Magazine!

". . . entertaining and informative series for young people."---Nebraska Life Magazine

Prairie Sunsets

Publish America, ISBN 1-60441-763-3

Illustrations by Jerusha Lorenz

Now available in paperback!

Also available from the Talking Book & Braille Service.

I glanced over at Caleb. His face was a mask of concern. The noise was becoming deafening. Something prompted me to turn and look behind us, and what I saw chilled me to the center of my being. Gripped by icy fear, I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't get anything to come out. Finally forcing my brain into action, I yelled, "Caleb!" He didn't hear me. My voice was weak and the steadily increasing wind threw the word back into my face.

"CALEB!" Fear gave me volume. He looked at me and I pointed behind us. There, on the horizon, was a cyclone! A twisting, undulating dark devil. Still several miles away, but definitely heading in our direction.

Based on true events, Prairie Sunsets picks up two years after Prairie Whispers, and continues the adventures of the McKay family as they struggle to maintain their life on the prairie of Nebraska.


Coming Next!

Journey to Morning

A Tale About the Nebraska Blizzard of 1888


Prairie Days

The Conclusion of the McKay Family Saga


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