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Dear Readers—

​It's time to be talking about my newest release, KANSAS CITY COP. (February 20th in print; March 1st in digital)

KANSAS CITY COP is my 60th book for Harlequin! 60 books! That's a whole lot of typing.           Not only does this book have one of my favorite covers ever, but it features a hero whom many of my readers have asked to see featured in his own story... Mike Cutler, Jr.

An injured, moody teen in my earlier Precinct book, TAKEDOWN, Mike, Jr. is now all grown up. And though he's not a cop like his dad, Michael Cutler, he's got all the right instincts to serve those in need and to protect anyone he cares about. Stubborn, sexy cop Gina Galvan needs a good friend to have her back, earn her
trust, and unlock her guarded heart.
Mike is just the right man.

Want to read his father's story and meet
Mike as a young man, when the seeds of
his heroic nature begin to blossom?
Check out TAKEDOWN. 

My next newsletter will be out in February, just before the release of KANSAS CITY COP. As usual, there will be a giveaway in that newsletter, so if you haven't subscribed yet, you can sign up by clicking on the box below.

And finally, here's an ​Excerpt Alert! Read a chapter
from KANSAS CITY COP on my Excerpts page. It starts off with a literal bang!

Happy Reading!
Julie Miller

Writing is a family affair! Check out my hubby, 
Scott E. Miller's YA books at his Amazon Author Page.

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