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Dear Readers—

I hope all of you are taking care of your health, being kind to others, and staying safe.

Happy Thanksgiving! I realize 2020 celebrations will look different than they have in the past. But I hope that you will still be able to connect with loved ones (my family is ZOOMing across 3 different states), eat some good food, and find a good game or movie to watch and some fun activities to take part in.

Right after Thanksgiving marks the release of my next book. CRIME SCENE COVER-UP will be out in print and digital formats worldwide on December 1st. That's followed next month by DEAD MAN DISTRICT (December 29th), completing a duo of romantic suspense books featuring brothers and firefighters called The Taylor Clan: Firehouse 13. Mark and Matt Taylor are the last two brothers adopted by Gideon & Meghan Taylor in KANSAS CITY'S BRAVEST to grow up and find a love worth fighting for. In case you missed older brothers' Alex and Edison "Pike" Taylor's stories, MAN WITH THE MUSCLE and TASK FORCE BRIDE, they are still available in digital format or in print from used booksellers.

I've just finished a new Intrigue coming out in August 2021, called A STRANGER ON HER DOORSTEP. After a bit of a holiday break, I'll be jumping right in on writing a brand new miniseries centered around members of my fictional Kansas City Crime Lab.

I'm also updating, reformatting and reissuing two of my earliest books, which will be out in the spring of 2021. These will be military romances with a paranormal twist.

If you'd like to read a sneak peek of Mark Taylor's book, CRIME SCENE COVER-UP, check out this excerpt.

Happy Reading!
Julie Miller

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Coming October 1st!

Military Romance with a paranormal twist.

Colonel Jonathan Ramsey was killed in action. Bad boy private investigator Drew Gallagher is nothing like the career military man Emma and her daughter Kerry loved, despite his vow to keep them safe when a dangerous man tries to take over her company. So why does Emma's little girl insist on calling him Daddy?
(Updated Reissue of one of my early books!)
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Meet Mark's big brother, Matt Taylor.
Book 2 in The Taylor Clan: Firehouse 13 

Falling for the girl next door was never this dangerous...

On Sale December 29 in print; January 1 in digital
Both books available for Pre-Order!
Meet the youngest Taylor brother, Mark.
Raised to be a hero.
The Taylor Clan: Firehouse 13