Julie Miller
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Military Romance with a Paranormal Twist
Make Mine a Marine: Sworn to duty. Bound by honor. Born to protect.
December 2023

Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335591371
December 26, 2023

History is repeating itself…
With deadly consequences.

Discovering a bloody knife from two unsolved murders reunites theater professor Reese Atkinson with criminalist Jackson Dobbs. And the murder victims? Jackson’s own parents. But the shy orphaned boy from her childhood is now an Army veteran and fierce protector…of the evidence and of Reese. But just who is weaving a deadly web that not only threatens their reunion…but their lives?

Opposites attract with a shy, beastly Army veteran hero, a petite, extroverted heroine with a stalker, and an unsolved mystery that haunts them both.
(Includes a bonus epilogue for the Kansas City Crime Lab miniseries!)

Kansas City Crime Lab #4
April 2024

Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335591609
April 23, 2024

​With children seeking a safe haven
Her ranch becomes a refuge.

Jessie Bennington’s past motivated her canine-focused business, where she heals those who are emotionally traumatized. When two young children show up at her ranch, predators on their trail, Jessie can only trust her longtime friend Garrett Caldwell. The deputy goes into protector mode without a single hesitation. Garrett has buried his feelings for Jessie long enough. He isn't about to let any danger come between them—or the innocent children—now.​

Protectors at K-9 Ranch #1
September 2024

Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335456946
September 24, 2024

​A traumatized woman and her service dog draw wounded detective Joel Standage back into the field. Mollie Crane barely survived her violent marriage, but she’s the key to putting her ex in prison—if Joel can earn her trust, convince her to testify... and keep them all alive.

A damaged hero, a damaged heroine, and a damaged service dog... Together they form an odd pack, they survive the bad guys, and they help each other become whole again.

Protectors at K-9 Ranch #2
January 2024

Ladytech, Inc.
January 30, 2024
(in digital format only)

A sweet WWII romantic novella from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Julie Miller

Did you ever wonder how your great-grandparents might have met and fallen in love?
In this enemies to lovers sweet romance, a Missouri farm girl and the hired man who goes to war strike sparks off each other from their first meeting. But it is through their letters that they not only survive the war, but they learn about the deep, abiding love that only two kindred souls can share. Marty and Mack discover strength in each other as they endure war abroad and on the home front. Ultimately, family, trust and love are the beacons that help a weary veteran find his way home.