Julie Miller
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Coming in February 2019!
(January 15 in print; February 1 in digital)​​

Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335604187
January 2019

Always the bridesmaid,
never a killer's target...until now.

Back in his hometown for a wedding, Detective Conor Wildman reunites with his ex-girlfriend's sister Laura, once the tomboy next door. Now Laura's a beautiful woman...and someone wants her dead. Conor's the man to protect her and catch the killer, but will one heated kiss jeopardize their precious friendship? Or will it prove that he can trust her with his wounded heart?

March 2018
(February 20 in print; March 1 in digital)
​ My 60th Book for Harlequin!

Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335526236
March 2018​

​She cheated death once…But a killer still lurks.

After a gunshot rips streetwise police officer Gina Galvan from the line of duty, all she wants is to return to the front line and stop a shooter. But good guy physical therapist Mike Cutler won’t back down from a challenge, or his blazing attraction to Gina. Without a badge or a gun, Mike is ready to face anyone—including a killer—to prove he’s every inch a hero.
October 2018
(September 18 in print; October 1 in digital)​

Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335526670
October 2018

A guilt-racked hero vows to succeed   …even if it costs him his life.

Five million dollars for rescuing a kidnapped heiress? To reclusive Jason Hunt, the job’s about redemption, not money. But when the troubled former Marine finds megarich Samantha Eddington, opposites attract as they escape her captors. Odds are they won’t survive the brutal Teton Mountains or the mercenaries after them. And if they do, will Jason’s reward be redemption or heartbreak?
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Cover Art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Coming in August 2019!
(In print and digital)​​
Harlequin Intrigue, ISBN #978-1335604552
August 2019

Cinderella on a mission...

It’s up to Officer Carly Valentine to keep Prince Ivan safe while he's on a secretive diplomatic assignment in Kansas City. Offering the prince her personal protection isn't a problem, especially as the sparks of an unexpected attraction fly between them. Masquerading as the prince’s girlfriend requires a Cinderella makeover for this kick-ass tomboy. But can there be a fairy tale ending for Ivan and Carly when a mysterious enemy is willing to blow up half the city to end his reign before he's even crowned the king?